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October 17, 2017

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Read on to hear about our many satisfied customers and their 'dry' children.

A Mother, from Banora Point, NSW tell us 
about her great success... with your alarm & drinking program with my 8 year old daughter. My daughter was a 7 day a week night wetter and has not had one dry night in 8 years. My daughter wasn′t worried about wearing her pull ups at all, but I thought your approach was worth a go as it sounded sensible and did not involve medication.

We started the drinking program for a week, then for two full weeks we used both the alarm & the drinking program and on the 14th night she was dry, and has been completely dry now for 3 months continuously. I also avoided all the washing by using ′pull ups′ over her undies which is a tip I′d like to pass on to others, especially those on rainwater supply.

I haven′t written this testimonial before this because I was wary of a relapse.

We were sort of doing it because she had a school camp coming up. We gave ourselves 6 weeks, but it only took 2 weeks on the alarm. She had 2 dry nights at camp which was just great. So thanks a million. I′m so glad we made the effort. 

Father, Mt. Duneed, VIC
Thank you for a wonderful program! My eight year old daughter was bed wetting about six nights a week, usually a flood! I work full time and we had a full size mattress protector. Changing the full linen nearly every night was a real chore for me and it was stressful for my daughter too. The special mats you supply are a gift from heaven to make it easy to clean up at night.

Parent, Australia
We found the DVD extremely helpful. The program was easy to stick to and we have had tremendous results. Our son′s confidence has grown and he is a completely different child. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mother, South Australia, Australia
My son has been wetting the bed now for eight years. We had tried another alarm on its own for two years on and off, stopping for a well needed sleep break.

After searching the internet in desperation, I purchased a video and started the drinking program. We then purchased your waterproof quilt cover and Malem Bedwetting Alarm and started using both the drinking program and alarm.

I am thrilled to let you know that our son has gone from wetting twice a night to having just completed 21 dry nights. He is a different boy. He is happy when he wakes up. He is so proud and confident and we are all so excited for him. He is looking forward now to going on school camps.

I must admit I am still cautious when he goes to other people′s places to stay, this may take some time for me to relax. I lose more sleep than he does.

Thank you very much for the website, information and wonderful advice and backup information for his bedwetting. I am aware that he may have accidents again but we are certainly on the right track.

Thank you from our son and all of our family.

Mother, Central West NSW, Australia
Thank you for making a brilliant product. My son is 10 years old and has been wetting the bed every day of his life. After around 6 weeks he has stopped wetting his bed altogether. It has been over 2 months and he has not had any relapses. We had tried everything from hypnosis, to medication to a chiropractor and all of the old wives tales. This has been such a life saver for a little boy who was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to stop. So thank you again, it was definitely worth every cent.

Mother, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Thank you for taking me seriously when I wanted to help my 5 year old stop wetting the bed.

For the past 12 months, numerous doctors, nurses, chiropractors and naturopaths had either fobbed me off with ′he will grow out of it′ or started me on expensive diets/vitamins. I know he is only quite young still at 5 years old, but I didn′t want to hear that there was nothing I could do and I would have been kicking myself a few years down the track if I hadn′t kept hunting for a cure.

I am pleased to say that by following your program, within a few weeks he went from wetting the bed every night, sometimes twice a night, to now only having the occasional accident… and we have only been following the program for just over a month. I am confident that by the time he starts school he will be waking up dry every night. Thanks again for realising that ′he will grow out of it′ is not something parents of a bed wetting child want to hear.

Mother, Victoria, Australia
We are so pleased with your bedwetting programme that I had to drop you this note.

Our son has just turned 6 and for 5 years and 11 months he wet the bed each and every night. He was starting to stress about sleepovers etc and so we thought we would give your programme and monitor a try.

We watched the video together and he started the drinking. For the first week and a half we were up every night 2 or 3 times changing pj′s etc as he simply was not waking to the alarm or had finished urinating by the time we got into his room. But we still made him turn off the alarm and go to the toilet and change clothing.

We were all getting rather tired from the disruptive sleep and thought we would try recording my voice on the alarm but that showed no improvement. We then recorded my husbands voice and the result was like we had a new son!! He has now had 25 dry nights and the alarm doesn′t even go off. We think his brain decided it was too hard having mum get him up every night to go to the toilet and change clothes and that it was easier to simply hang on until morning. One morning he slept in and actually held on from 8.00 pm to 9.00 am !!!

Last night he had his first sleep without the alarm and woke up dry again and very proud of himself. So well done and THANK YOU.

Mother, Queensland, Australia
I am returning the recordable alarm as the drinking program worked so well. We never would have believed it but our son has done really well just by following those simple steps.

Thank you so much, it has made such a difference to our lives and to his confidence. He can now look forward to next years camp instead of dreading it in case he had an accident in front of his friends. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in the future that may be experiencing the same difficulties. 

Parents, Adelaide, Australia and Thailand
We live in Thailand and while in Australia on holidays, we contacted you regarding our son who is six nearly seven years old who had never been dry. I had done some research into bedwetting to try to work out what his problem was and why he was not progressing. We had tried saying nothing, and supporting him by not pushing, but were getting a bit worried that he was getting older and no improvements were happening.

To save him from embarrassment of a wet bed (his dad had been a bedwetter as well and recounted stories of having to strip his bed and put the wet laundry in the wash and the embarrassment that went with it), we had kept him in pull ups. In researching the problem, I wondered whether the pull ups were part of the problem … so in getting more information, we eventually made our way to a US website purporting to be able to solve bedwetting problems for about $12,000 Australian dollars. The treatment would take about seven months but would be successful. We did get some information from this company, which related the bedwetting to a deep sleep problem with the bedwetting being secondary to that. We felt that the cost was too much for us.

Luckily we came across your website through The Continence Foundation while in Australia. We were able to go to your website and had a look. As you know, we emailed you and ordered the video and alarm and received these. You mailed them to us in Adelaide.

Well … armed with the alarm and video we arrived back in Thailand in August (about 4 weeks ago) and started the bedwetting programme (drinking and using the alarm) about a week after we returned. We put up charts and spoke very positively about what would happen.

We had expected a very slow rate of progress as our son was a very deep sleeper and had often wet the nappy often during the night.

What surprising and delightful success for our son and for all of us!!!! He has been dry all night for at least five out of every seven nights (he did not wear the alarm when some friends came for a sleepover one weekend and one other weekend when his sister had a friend to sleep over and it seems that after he went back to wearing the alarm the next night, he was wet overnight.

He has been so proud of himself and it is becoming more usual to see him trouping to the toilet at night to go to the toilet at 10.30 or 11 pm and during the night whereas previously he would have just wet the nappy.

It seems that wearing the alarm has helped to lighten his sleep and he has become a lot more aware of his bladder.

He is currently up to his ninth consecutive night without the alarm going off and he is extremely proud. He seems to have higher self esteem and is much more confident now (although he never was unconfident, he now seems to have really become very self assured).

We just wanted to let you know and thank you for everything you do for families who struggle with this problem.

We are very proud of our son and thankful for the help we have received.

Mother, Western Australia
I am returning the Alarm for a refund. Our son has not had a wet night for two months. Just following the first steps was enough to solve the problem.

Mother, Australia
My son (who is eight years old) had a problem with bed wetting where he would wet his bed multiple times in one night. He would wear pull up nappies every night. This was starting to become an issue for him as he had started to have sleepovers with friends.

We discussed his problem and decided to contact the Bedwetting Institute for help. On receiving our package we commenced the drinking program. My son was keen and he started the program making an effort to continue drinking as the video outlined.

Within a week of commencing the program he had stopped wetting the bed on a regular basis and had gained so much self confidence as a result. In a short period of time he was confident enough to go to friends places without a pull–up nappy. This was a major achievment for him.

The program was so helpful to my son. It gave him the confidence to think he could overcome his problem and his delight when he would wake with a dry bed was wonderful. The program is easy to follow, though may require some vigilance. The information and video are friendly and can be followed by a child.

I thank the Institute for their help and can recommend the program to anyone.

Mother, Brisbane, Australia
Just to let you know the overlays have been great. I have two children wetting and they have saved so much work. I wish I′d known about them earlier. The system I had before was really time consuming. Now I don′t need to change the sheets. It′s easy to change the overlay as there′s nothing to tuck in and it stays in place. They are easy to wash and dry, and you hardly notice one when it′s on the bed.

Mother, Australia
You sent me a quilt cover a while back and I wanted to give you some feedback. We have had some spectacular “wets” and although the overlaying regular quilt cover has been drenched, the water resistant one underneath hasn′t shown a sign of damp, let alone the actual doona. I actually have trouble tracking down where I should sponge it down, as it isn′t damp and doesn′t smell. Thanks very much – its a great product & very natural feeling.

Mother, Canberra, Australia
My son was 13 years old and still wetting the bed. We had seen numerous doctors but the problem continued. It was only after talking with you and following the first steps of the program, including the drinking, that he stopped wetting. We didn′t need an alarm. It only took three weeks and he has been dry ever since. After all those years I couldn′t believe how simple it was.

Parents, Canberra, Australia
Just to let you know we really enjoyed watching the Bedwetting Cured video. Our daughter found it easy to understand and she particularly liked seeing so many other children on the video. It made it so much easier for us to get started with the program.

Mother, Canberra, Australia
My son was seven years old. I kept waiting for the bedwetting to go away on its own. Just talking with you was enough to convince me, that drinking more at the right time of the day would help. After two weeks my son had stopped wetting and has never been wet since. For my four year old daughter, I employed the same drinking program and she too was dry after two weeks. It′s so logical, if you train the bladder properly it works well.

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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