Malem Recordable Deluxe Enuresis Alarm Instructions

Malem Ultimate MO5 Recordable Enuresis Alarm Instructions

  • This alarm has several options. eight rotating alarm sounds
  • choose your preferred sound
  • alternating alarm sound and voice recording, five seconds or each repeating
  • a vibration option. 

Remove back cover. Remove white plastic (if there) and place 2 x AAA batteries inside. Test the alarm is working by attaching the lead and wetting the sensor. 

Clip the alarm near the shoulder. Thread the lead between two T shirts or singlets so the lead stays in place. The sensor goes between two pairs of underpants or underpants and pull-ups. We also offer the option of using this alarm with an alarm mat. If the alarm mat is used then the alarm sound box sits on the bedside table. 

Child with alarm

With batteries in and cover off gently press the recording button. A light will come on. The message could be  "Wake up, Emma, stop wetting the bed. Emma, wake up"

Research with smoke detectors has found that young children sleep through a piercing beep 50% of the time; however, they are more likely to wake to a parent’s voice mentioning their name. Any sound can be used.  

The parent must be able to hear the alarm:
The parents will still need to go into the child’s room, as shown on the DVD, so it is essential that the parent can hear the alarm when it starts. The recordable function will be harder for the parent to hear. If necessary put a baby monitor in the child’s room or sleep in the same room as the child.

At night:
Test the alarm by putting a moist finger onto the sensor so the child can hear what will happen during the night. Explain to the child that they should wake up, stop wetting, turn off the alarm, get up and go to the toilet.

What to wear:
At night the child wears two pairs of underpants (or one pair of underpants and pull–ups over the top). The sensor is placed between the two pairs of underpants. The clip is attached to the underpants.

To turn the alarm off, the parent removes the sensor from the wet underpants until the child can manage this and the child presses the button on the side of the alarm. Dry the sensor if the alarm continues to sound.

The parent then changes the waterproof bed pad and sheets if necessary and helps the child change into dry clothes. The alarm should be reset.

If you have purchased an alarm mat in addition to the alarm then it goes on top of the fitted sheet. A waterproof bed pad can be placed under the alarm mat. On top of the alarm mat place a sheet folded in four and tuck the sheet in on both sides. This will hold the alarm mat in place, make it comfortable for the child and stop perspiration setting off the alarm accidentally. If the alarm mat is used then the alarm sound box goes on the bedside table. 

If your chid is wetting every night then start with the steps on the Bedwetting Institute® DVD. Follow these steps for three weeks and then start the alarm. 

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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