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People often ask “which bedwetting alarm is the best one for my child?” It is sometimes confusing to work out.
Child with alarm

1. How old is your child?
There are a few important questions to consider.
Age 5-7
Generally for younger children the clip-on alarms are recommended. They are easy to use, can even be put on after the child goes to sleep and can be used with underpants or pull-ups.

Children who move around a lot in bed

The clip-on and pin-on alarms move with the child. They attach near the shoulder. The lead threads between a T-shirt and singlet.  At the bottom of the T-shirt the moisture sensor goes between two pairs of underpants. Alternatively, the sensor can go between underpants and pull-ups.

The Pad and Bell alarm is suitable if child does not wear a pyjama top. Nothing is attached to the child. The child must stay on at least part of the alarm sensor mat so it will get wet and set off the alarm. A single bed is usually suitable unless the child moves to the opposite end of the bed during the night and ends up not on the alarm sensor mat at all. In a wider bed the parent may need to put pillows down the length of the bed to stop the child moving across and off the alarm mat

8 years – Teenagers

For older children and teenagers we usually recommend the loudest alarm. The iDry alarm is extremely loud but that is what is needed for these children. The iDry alarm can be used as a Pad and Bell alarm and can also be used as a clip-on alarm with an underpants sensor. It can then be used with underpants or pull-ups.

The Pad and Bell alarm is also suitable for children who do not want anything attached to them or do not wear a pyjama top.

Is your child wearing pull-ups now?
You can continue using pull-ups with the clip-on alarms and many parents feel they will be able to manage the extra work of getting up at night to the alarm if they don’t have a wet bed and extra washing as well. We received the tip of using pull-ups over underpants from one of our drought affected customers. If you live in a drought affected area washing sheets every day is not an option. Many of our customers achieve success using pull-ups. You can keep using pull-ups until the child improves. Once your child improves and is only wetting once a week then take off the pull-ups and use a waterproof mattress pad overlay. They are machine washable and can be tumble dried. This will stop the sheets getting wet. If your child has stopped wearing pull-ups then the waterproof overlays are very handy.

Does your child wet every night?
These children need the steps on the DVD to help them respond to the alarm but will almost always need an alarm as well to achieve a complete success rate.

When you get your child up at night do they wake up or are they still actually asleep?
Children who are very deep sleepers are more likely to respond to the loudest alarm which is the iDry alarm. In the beginning the alarm is for the parents who must go in and wake the child if necessary. The child then turns off the alarm.

Have you tried an alarm before?
If you have tried an alarm before, perhaps you hired it, had success and now the bedwetting has returned, you need to follow the steps on the DVD and purchase an alarm so you have it at home in case of a relapse.  If you did not achieve success start with the steps on the DVD then try an alarm again and the loudest one is recommended e.g. the iDry alarm which can be used as a clip-on or Pad and Bell alarm.

What about Wireless alarms?
We have found that these alarms are not as reliable. It may be because the transmitter is attached to the underpants and so the electronics and moisture are very close.

Children who only wet occasionally
The reasons could be many. It is best to follow all the steps on the DVD as well as using a pad and bell alarm. In this case the alarm mat can sit on the bed under the fitted sheet. It is not seen and does not have to be set up each night yet will sound an alarm on the occasional night that the bedwetting occurs.

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“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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