Malem Gold Bedwetting Alarm Instructions

Malem Bedwetting Alarm Gold MO4 Instructions    

If your child is wetting the bed every night we recommend following the steps on the Bedwetting Institute® DVD for three weeks before starting the alarm.

Problems with clip:

Lift the clip carefully up and down and view from the side.  Check where the material of the pyjamas or T-shirt must be inserted. If you insert too much thick material or put it in the wrong place the clip will break.

The standard sensor attaches to the underpants at the level of the elastic. The metal sensor extends lower down and is held in place with another pair of underpants or pull-ups or can be inserted into a stick on pad. 

The MO4 Gold has eight different sounds and vibration. The alarm automatically changes to a different sound each time it sounds. Vibration can be turned on or off. Vibration can be used alone without any sound.

See the diagram in the green instruction book to choose both sound and vibration or sound or vibration.

Remove any white plastic from the battery compartment.

At night:

Test the alarm by moistening the sensor so the child can hear what will happen during the night. The child presses the button on the side to stop the sound.

The parent will need to go into the child’s room when the alarm sounds so it is essential that the parent can hear the alarm when it starts, as it is common for the child to sleep straight through the alarm initially. If necessary move the child’s mattress into the parent’s room or use a baby monitor.

To turn the alarm off, the parent removes the sensor from the wet underpants and the child presses the button on the side of the alarm.  The parent dries the sensor if the alarm continues to sound. The parent then changes the waterproof mattress overlay and helps the child change underpants.

A small number of children wake to the alarm but are frightened by the noise. In this case put the alarm on after the child goes to bed. These children may respond quite quickly to the alarm if you persist despite the initial distress.

Be sure to remove the alarm from the pyjamas before putting the pyjamas into the washing machine!

Once your child has achieved 21 day nights remove the batteries and put the alarm away. Keep it on hand in case of a relapse and restart it if necessary the next night.

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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