Choosing a Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

All our Bedwetting Alarms come with a bonus Bedwetting Cured DVD. In the past we have found that customers who purchased the DVD with their alarm were more likely to be successful with the alarm and also less likely to end up with a broken alarm!

Pad and Bell Alarms  
These alarms are the loudest.

The child cannot wear pull-ups this type of alarm. We have two alarms which can be used as a Pad and Bell or as a clip-on alarm, the iDry which is very loud and the Malem Deluxe which is not as loud but has special features. It is possible to use pull-ups with these two alarms when they are used as clip-on alarms but not when they are used as pad and bell alarms.  View both here.

Pin on & Clip on Alarms - also called Body Worn
If your child is wearing pull-ups the easiest system to use is a pin-on or clip on bedwetting alarm.

The alarm sound box attaches to the pyjama top near the shoulder.

A lead then goes down to the underpants. either over the top or between two singlets or T-shirts.

The sensor at the end of the lead  goes between two pairs of underpants with a clip holding the lead in place.

It is also possible to use one pair of underpants and put pull-ups over the top with the sensor in between.

The pull-ups allow the sensor to still get wet and so the alarm sounds but the sheets stay dry making your workload less, which will help you continue with the program.

Some people are lucky and their child is cured within two weeks however it can take a couple of months but usually the child starts to improve by starting to have more and more dry nights.

Wireless Alarms
With the Malem Alarm a Transmitter attaches to the underpants and the Receiver with a sound box sits on the bedside table. 





“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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