Instructions iDry clip-on & pad and bell Alarm

Remove the insulation tag from the battery compartment. Remove the plastic from the battery. If using the alarm mat then remove the plastic from the mat. Test the alarm is working by wetting the sensor tip with water. Press the ”Reset” button to stop the alarm from sounding.

Sound – slide the sound selection switch on the side of the alarm to change the sound - 2 sounds available. 

Volume – choose high or low setting.

Setting up the Alarm at night

Clip-on method
To keep the lead out of the way it is best for the child to wear two layers on top e.g. two singlets or T-shirts or a singlet and pyjama top. Attach the Alarm sound box near the shoulder. The lead can be threaded between the two tops and at the end of the lead the sensor goes between two pairs of underpants. Pull-ups can be worn over the underpants if you want to stop the urine getting onto the sheets. Using pull-ups may help you continue with the program as you will have less work to do.

Once the child starts to improve take the pull-ups off and use one of the waterproof bedwetting pads under the child. 

To stop the alarm from sounding when bedwetting occurs:

Remove the sensor. from the wet underpants. Shake if necessary to remove any excess urine. Press the “Reset” button on the alarm. 

Pad and Bell method

Place a waterproof bedwetting pad on the bed if you want to keep the sheet dry. The alarm mat goes on top of the fitted sheet or on top of the pad. A folded sheet goes on top of the alarm mat as is tucked in on both sides to make the bed comfortable, hold the alarm mat in place and stop perspiration setting off the alarm. 


Clip on sensor
Detach the sensor from the alarm before cleaning. Rinse the underpants sensor at night when the alarm sounds before setting it up again. Wash the underpants sensor with soapy water every few days, rinse and dry.

Alarm Mat

The alarm mat must be washed immediately at night by the parent. Leave a wash cloth in the bathroom with some liquid soap. Wipe over the mat with the soapy cloth. Rinse with clean water and pat the mat dry.  If any urine is left on the mat overnight it will gradually build up and the mat will stop working in three or four weeks. Spare mats are available for purchase. Normally one mat should last three months or long enough to cure most children. 

Getting the best results
For best results if your child is wetting every night, follow the steps on the Bedwetting Cured DVD before starting the alarm. The DVD also demonstrates how to get the best results with an alarm. It also helps to get your child on side with the program and shows you what to do at night.  By following all the steps you are more likely to achieve a permanent cure.

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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