Instructions Malem Bedside Alarm

The Malem Bedside Alarm can only be used with the alarm sound box on the bedside table. The alarm mat goes on the bed and attaches to the sound box on the bedside table with a lead. Pull-ups cannot be worn with this alarm. 

This alarm mat plugs in on top of the alarm box. The other plug is used for an optional vibration attachment. If using the vibration attachment make sure the lead is held securely in place and cannot twist around the child at night.


Place a waterproof bedwetting pad on the bed if you want to keep the fitted sheet dry. The alarm mat goes on top of the fitted sheet or on top of the pad. A sheet folded in four goes on top of the alarm mat. It is tucked in on both sides to make the bed comfortable, hold the alarm mat in place and stop perspiration setting off the alarm. 


Alarm Mat

The alarm mat must be washed immediately at night by the parent. Leave a wash cloth in the bathroom with some liquid soap. Wipe over the mat with the soapy cloth. Rinse with clean water and pat the mat dry.  If any urine is left on the mat overnight it will gradually build up and the mat will stop working in three or four weeks. Spare mats are available for purchase. Normally one mat should last three months or long enough to cure most children. 

Parent's job

The parent must be able to hear the alarm at night and go in and wake the child if necessary. The child turns off the alarm. The parent changes the bedding, washes the alarm mat and sets up the alarm again. 

Getting the best results
For best results if your child is wetting every night, follow the steps on the Bedwetting Cured DVD before starting the alarm. The DVD also demonstrates how to get the best results with an alarm. It helps to get your child on side with the program.   By following all the steps you are more likely to achieve a permanent cure.

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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