Bedwetting Cured DVD

This program has been developed by health professionals, who are parents too! It is a 30 minute video which is suitable for both parents and children to watch. It gives you the precise steps you need to take, to solve the bedwetting problem, in the privacy of your own home.

The program has been developed by Margaret O'Donovan, a Continence Physiotherapist, Dr Mark Condon, a General Practitioner and Louise Kenny, a Pharmacist. The video details a four step program and includes all the hints and secrets you need to achieve success.

Bedwetting is very common in children. About one in five children, between the ages of five and twelve, wets the bed, some occasionally, some every night. Doctors sometimes advise parents not to worry about bedwetting, as the child is likely to outgrow it. Unfortunately, your child may be a teenager before they do so. Once about five years old, your child will benefit from a treatment program.

Wetting the bed is often due to three or four factors combining to cause the problem. These include a small bladder capacity, very deep sleep, too much urine produced at night, and constipation.

To achieve success first time it is best to combine the strategies on the DVD with a bedwetting alarm.

Young children who wet only occasionally may get complete resolution just with the steps on the DVD. 

Frequently though the child may see improvement but not complete resolution. Parents are sometimes satisfied with a major improvement but the child needs a complete cure to feel confident they have stopped having accidents. 

12 months following the use of a bedwetting alarm alone on 33% of children have a complete cure. 

We recommend combining all the steps. 

The video includes information on:

  • a drinking program to improve the connection between the brain and the bladder and to gradually increase bladder capacity;
  • popular foods and drinks which may be interfering with vasopressin, the hormone which concentrates the urine at night;
  • the role of constipation;
  • how to get the best results with a bedwetting alarm; and
  • medication, which is rarely needed.

For five and six year old children, who wet up to four nights a week, the problem may be resolved without using an alarm. Just follow the initial steps outlined on the video.

Five and six year olds who wet more frequently than four nights a week, and all children aged over six, are much more likely to need an alarm. For the best chance of a speedy and permanent cure in these children we recommend an alarm. All our alarms come with a bonus DVD.

Thousands of patients, including children, teenagers and adults, have been successfully treated using this program.


Sarah - My seven year old son had never had a dry night, not ever but had been really easy to toilet train during the day. I had tried every trick in the book and was just about to give up when I found the DVD and drinking program. We watched the DVD together so he understood why we were going to do the drinking program. Within a week we were having dry nights! It has taken a few months to cure altogether but the change has been amazing. Thankyou.

Felicity - Queensland - I am returning the recordable alarm included in the Kit we purchased from you as the drinking program has worked so well. We never would have believed it but our son has done really well just by following those simple steps.

Thank you so much, it has made such a difference to our lives and to his confidence. He can now look forward to next year’s camp, instead of dreading it in case he has an ‘accident’ in front of his friends. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in the future that may be experiencing the same difficulties. 


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“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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