Twin pack 2 x iDry Bed Wetting Alarm +2 x pants sensor+2 x alarm mat bedwetting

iDry - Extremely Loud Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm Pad and Bell or clip-on

Double pack for two children 

  • 2 x Alarm sound unit
  • 2 x Sensor lead for underpants method
  • 2 x Alarm mats for Pad and Bell method
  • 2 x DVD Bedwetting Cured
  • 2 x Bedwetting Institute® detailed instructions
  • Free shipping
  • two alarm sounds, one high pitched and one lower pitched
  • two volume settings -  very loud 95 decibels and extremely loud 110 decibels. (Most bedwetting alarms are 85 decibels.)
  • underpants sensor can be used with underpants or pull-ups
  • alarm mat is included as an alternative method. With the Pad and Bell system the alarm mat goes on top of the fitted sheet while the child is wetting regularly.  Once the child is only wetting occasionally the alarm mat can go under the fitted sheet.

     Set-up 1. Underpants sensor

    The iDry bed wetting alarm clips to the pyjama top or T shirt and a lead with a wetness sensor can be threaded between two singlets or T-shirts with the sensor on the end going between two pairs of underpants or between underpants and pull-ups. If pull-ups are used the alarm will still sound but the sheets won't get wet. This method is ideal when the child wears pull-ups, sleeps on a waterproof mat, wets a lot or only wets a very small amount of urine.

    Set-up 2. Pad and Bell
    Alarm mat on bed with alarm box on bedside table

    The iDry bedwetting alarm can also be used as a Pad and Bell Alarm with the alarm mat on the bed and the alarm box on the bedside table. Nothing is attached to the child with this set-up.

    The pad and bell system is ideal when the child wants nothing attached to the pyjamas. It is also suitable when the child is only wetting occasionally as the mat can be set up under the fitted sheet at this stage and left there just in case there is a wet night.

    For older children the alarm should be left in place under the fitted sheet for 6 months after achieving dryness just to be sure. The sound box can be discretely disconnected and reconnected whenever necessary without setting up the alarm each night.

    Hiring an alarm

    Some bedwetting alarms with the Pad and Bell are hired out because they cost about two thousand dollars. There is often a long wait to hire these alarms and there may be a limited time which the family is given to use the alarm. A problem arises if the parent or clinic thinks the child is cured and the alarm is handed back before a permanent cure is established. If there is a recurrence there may be another long wait and the bedwetting can return to its pretreatment level.

    We have found that families need to keep the alarm for about 12 months because the child may have a relapse even months after being cured and the alarm needs to be restarted immediately. 

    Bonus Bedwetting Cured DVD

    Four steps to success, includes the drinking program and demonstrates how to get the most out of your bed wetting alarm. Includes all the tips and secrets you need to achieve of a permanent cure on your first attempt.  


    Title: Great job
    Rating: 5 stars
    Author: Heena B.
    I am amazed with this technique never thought it will work but it’s was magic .

    Title: Issue solved in 2 weeks!
    Rating: 4 stars
    Author: Brooke F. 

    I was skeptical the product would work given my 7 year old son sleeps like a log and doesn’t wake up for anything. The first week he wet the bed every night and had to still be shaken to wake up even with the alarm going off at full volume next to his head! After a week he started to wake up sometimes and others would just stop urinating therefor meaning less of a clean up. Something triggered sub consciously and after about 14 nights he just stopped! We haven’t had a single slip up and everyone is relieved and happy. Well worth the 14 nights although I will say it was difficult at times as I struggled to get back to sleep after the 4am wakeup. My son was dead to the world. ha :)

    Title: iDry Bed Wetting Alarm -Loudest two mats underpants sensor DVD bedwetting
    Rating: 5 stars
    Author: Kelly P.

    We never got passed watching the DVD and following the drinking method. So logical and easy to follow. I wish we knew it sooner.
    We went from wet bed every night to now occasional. Not sure if we will even use the mats. Thank you.

    Title: Phill
    Rating: 5 stars
    Author: Phill C.

    Very happy with the product.





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    “What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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