Bedwetting Alarm Hire Australia

April 19, 2018

Bedwetting alarm hire purchase

Bedwetting enuresis alarms can be hired from several places in Australia including health centres, continence physiotherapists and other continence professionals and sometimes pharmacies.  Hospital enuresis clinics usually have a long waiting list for bedwetting alarm hire.

1. Rubber Mat with Alarm- multiple use

 Bedwetting Alarm Hire Australia

If you rent the loudest pad and bell type alarm your child will be reusing the same  rubber mat that has been used by other children. The rubber mat must be scrubbed clean and then is cleaned with mild disinfectant. Many parents prefer to use an alarm which has not had another child's urine on it previously.

These alarms cost about $2000 and are generally hired out by continence professionals. The total cost to cover visits to the health professional plus alarm rental over a couple of months will be considerably more that the cost of purchasing an alarm. If the child has a relapse later on then the alarm needs to be hired again. Some hospitals do hire out this type of alarm, however, they are often reserved for older children and there can be a long waiting list. 

2. New Mat with hired Alarm sound box

With this type of pad and bell alarm a new alarm mat is purchased but the alarm sound box is hired. The cost for the alarm box rental is likely to exceed the cost of purchasing a bedwetting alarm outright. 

3. Hire - Purchase - with Afterpay - New mat & New Alarm to keep in case of a relapse

Our best selling iDry® bedwetting alarm is now available for purchase over four easy payments with Afterpay. For less than the cost of hiring an alarm you can purchase one which is equally as loud as the ones that are rented.  It comes with a bonus DVD Bedwetting Cured. It can be used with pull-ups or underpants with the underpants sensor and can also be used as a mat alarm.

Not everyone is confident enough to treat bedwetting themselves at home without seeing a health professional. Visit your GP first for advice about your child. Most doctors recommend a trial of a bedwetting alarm prior to considering medication. Our physiotherapist based program on DVD, guides you through the steps to follow at home and most children can be cured by following these simple steps. If the problem does not resolve within three months then ask for a referral to a Paediatrician with an interest in bedwetting. By trialing the alarm first you will have relevant information to discuss with the Paediatrician.

Problems with hiring a bed wetting alarm

According to the Cochrane Collaboration an international government backed organisation which reviews medical treatments around the world, bedwetting alarms work initially in two thirds of children. However, after twelve months half of these children have started bedwetting again so by the end of a year only one third of children are still dry at night.

For this reason it is best to purchase a bedwetting alarm so that it can be used after the first wet night if the bedwetting returns. 

The other reason for purchasing an alarm is that some children continue to wet about once a month. For these children it is best to leave the alarm mat on the bed under the fitted sheet for about six months so that a complete cure can be achieved.

If you decide to hire an alarm make sure there will be an alarm available immediately if your child has a relapse. Sometimes people are asked to go on the waiting list again and six months later find they are right back where they started. 





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“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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