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Malem Gold Ultimate Bed wetting Alarm + underpants sensor + alarm sensor mat + DVD

  • 8 different sounds, rotates to a new sound each time alarm sounds;
  • alarm sound + vibration;
  • alarm sound only;
  • vibration only;
  • flat sensor,  the most reliable; 
  • alarm sensor mat 3 month warranty
  • free shipping 

Bonus Bedwetting Cured DVD

  • Demonstrates how to get the best results with a bed wetting alarm;
  • Bedwetting Institute four step drinking program with all the hints and secrets needed to achieve a permanent cure.
  • choice of underpants sensor which can also be used with pull-ups over underpants.
  • alarm sensor mat can be used for children who don't want anything attached. Alarm mat sensor pad  is also suitable once children are only wetting occasionally as the mat can be placed under the fitted sheet. It can be left on the bed just in case and does not need setting up each night.




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“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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