2 x Waterproof Bed Mats

  • Two quality waterproof mattress pad overlay;
  • for bedwetting or incontinence;
  • saves on changing the sheets;
  • goes on top of the fitted sheet;
  • 3 layers with aqua microfibre quilted top layer;
  • absorbent middle layer holds more than one litre of fluid;
  • waterproof third layer
  • blue non slip back stops pad moving on bed and saves tucking in -  some mattress pads have a slippery back;
  • 90 x 110 cm;
  • equivalent to the width of a King Single bed;
  • can be used on any sized bed as one person lies on the mat;
  • suitable for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults;
  • great for cases where there is leakage through pull-ups;
  • use once you are ready to treat bedwetting 
  • machine washable;
  • line dry or tumble dry;
  • free shipping.

NOTE : These last almost forever! They are hospital quality. Manufactured for us in Victoria, Australia. 


Fina  - The overlays in particular have been a godsend after years of inadequate protectors causing many full sheet changes in the middle of the night.

Christine -   I work full time and we had a full size mattress protector – changing the full linen nearly every night was a real chore for me and and it was stressful for my daughter too. The special mats you supply are a gift from heaven.

Melanie   -  Just to let you know the overlays have been great. I have two children wetting and they have saved so much work. I wish I'd known about them earlier. 

 Michelle  - These are brilliant! Saves washing the sheets and waterproof every time there is an accident and the mats are so easy to launder. The kids loved having them as they could take them with them when they travelled and we didn't worry so much about little mishaps!

Kelly  - Fantastic product, easy to wash and very discrete. Makes bed wetting easier, no more middle of the night bed changes or wet mattress. It's a dream. Thank You

Steph  -   We used to use a standard "waterproof" mattress protector under the sheets for our occasional bedwetters and more often than not, the mattress ended up getting wet anyway because the mattress protector couldn't cope with the amount of liquid. The Bedwetting Institute's waterproof mattress protectors are a far superior product. They absorb a huge amount of liquid and are so easy to remove, clean and dry. No more damaged mattresses!

Dianna  -   Amazing product. The cotton overlays are so easy to wash, dry and very convenient if you have to travel anywhere. I purchased two so that I always had a spare. It certainly saved my washing time.



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“What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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