Malem Bedside Alarm + Vibration unit + bonus DVD Bedwetting Cured

  • Bedwetting alarm box sits on the bedside table
  • child lies on mat 
  • mat connects to alarm box with a lead
  • 4 x AA batteries supplied
  • eight sounds
  • record own message
  • Vibration unit can be used alone or with the alarm sound or recordable message. Can be placed inside a thin pillow. It connects to the alarm box on bedside. Keep lead out of child's reach. 
  • parent must supervise at night so must be able to hear the alarm. Use a baby monitor if necessary.
  • Spare alarm mats available.
  • Alarm box and vibration unit have six months warranty. No warranty on the alarm mat. Follow directions for washing mat. The mat must be washed immediately at night with soapy water then rinsed with water then patted dry. The parent must do this. 

Bedwetting Cured DVD

  • Four steps to success includes drinking program and demonstrates how to get the most out of your bed wetting alarm.
  • Higher chance of a permanent cure. 


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    “What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

    “What is causing bedwetting in my child?”

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