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Bedwetting Cured Kit F 
Bedwetting Cured Kit F

Price: $236.00
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$236 Kit F Malem Wireless Alarm, DVD

Two girls

Malem Wireless Bedwetting Alarm MO12

Malem Wireless Alarm

Malem Wireless Alarm

Bedwetting Cured DVD

Postage within Australia included with all Kits. 12 months warranty on alarm.

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The kit contains the Bedwetting Cured DVD and a Malem Bedwetting Alarm. We now recommend the kit for all those with a bedwetting problem. If you purchase the Kit you can move straight on to the alarm after trying the initial steps on the DVD for about three weeks. If your child is cured without using the alarm then it can be returned for a refund.

Alarm Refund
Our alarms in Kits come in a sealed plastic pack.

You can return the alarm to us within six months for a refund if the bedwetting resolves with the initial steps on the DVD. Leave the alarm in the sealed plastic pack. You will pay only for the DVD, postage and a $10.00 processing fee.

90% Improvement Guarantee
If you do not have at least 90% improvement within six months using the DVD and alarm just let us know what happened by email or post or and you will only be charged for the Alarm and overlays if applicable. You don′t even have to send the DVD back. (We are unable to accept returns on alarms or bedding products for health reasons.)

Mother,Banora Point, NSW

"I had great success with your alarm & drinking program with my 8 year old daughter. My daughter was a 7 day a week night wetter and has not had one dry night in 8 years. My daughter wasn′t worried about wearing her pull ups at all, but I thought your approach was worth a go as it sounded sensible and did not involve medication.

We started the drinking program for a week, then for two full weeks we used both the alarm & the drinking program and on the 14th night she was dry, and has been completely dry now for 3 months continuously. I also avoided all the washing by using ′pull ups′ over her undies which is a tip I′d like to pass on to others, especially those on rainwater supply.

I haven′t written this testimonial before this because I was wary of a relapse.

We were sort of doing it because she had a school camp coming up. We gave ourselves 6 weeks, but it only took 2 weeks on the alarm. She had 2 dry nights at camp which was just great. So thanks a million. I′m so glad we made the effort."

The Bedwetting Cured DVD, with Dr Mark Condon and Physiotherapist Margaret O'Donovan outlines the strategies to start before the alarm is implemented and demonstrates how to get the best results with an alarm.

The waterproof mattress overlay goes on top of the bottom sheet. It absorbs up to one litre of fluid and can be put in the washing machine and dryer.

The Malem MO5 Recordable alarm will suit most families. It has three options. The recorded voice message will suit children who may be frightened by the alarm sound. The voice recording may help to wake children who do not respond to the alarm sound. It also has the alarm sound, which can be used with the vibration option. We also recommend the recordable alarm for anyone who has tried an alarm previously as this one has more options and can be set to the one, which works best for your family and is likely to work where others have failed. Our Malem MO5 alarms are specially set for the Bedwetting Institute to the particular alarm sound which we have found works best to wake children.


For more details on the DVD, overlay or alarm return to “all products” and select the individual product. For those who have tried an alarm before and wonder what went wrong read Bedwetting ( Enuresis) Alarms Common Mistakes.

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Drinking program was all it took

Sonja - 11/18/2014

Previously bedwetting most nights, after just one week of the drinking program, my 5 year old daughter stopped bedwetting. Amazing. About 8 weeks in, she wet the bed 2 nights in a row, so we got straight back on the drinking program and it worked immediately. She has been dry for about 3 months now, so we are returning our alarm. Can't recommend the drinking program enough... and have heard great things about the alarm... even though we didn't need to use it.


Rachel - 05/16/2011

I can't believe our bedwetting issues are a thing of the past. I must admit I was unsure this would work-to the point where the alarm sat in my cupboard for a few months! My son is 7 and I was beginning to think a disrupted night's sleep was just something I had to put up with. Imagine my surprise(and relief)when after 1 week he stopped wetting the bed. He loved putting stickers on the chart each morning as he notched up dry night after dry night. After 21 in a row we packed away the alarm and haven't used it since. That was 4 months ago and it's been dry nights ever since. Thank you!

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