Bedwetting Information

Bedwetting (Enuresis) Alarm comparison sheetCompare Alarms and Kits

Have a look at the Alarm & Kit comparison page to decide which alarm is right for you.
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Bedwetting (Enuresis) Alarm InformationBedwetting (Enuresis) Alarm Information

The sound of a bedwetting alarm helps the message get through from the bladder to the brain. Over time the child will stop wetting as soon as the alarm sounds. Later they will stop wetting altogether.
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Bedwetting (Enuresis) Alarm Common Mistakes Bedwetting (Enuresis) Alarm Common Mistakes

Results in research trials of bedwetting (enuresis) alarms have varied from 40% success to 97% success.nUnfortunately many parents are still given incorrect advice.
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Malem Alarm Instructions Malem Alarm Instructions
Find out how our Malem Ultimate 1+ Record Enuresis Alarm MO5 works with our detailed alarm instructions.

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Teenage and Adult Bedwetting Teenage and Adult Bedwetting

Bedwetting can be a highly embarrassing problem, which can stop people participating fully in many of the enjoyable activities of life. It can lead to avoiding school camps and holidays and present difficulties with friendships. It is important not to give up. Bedwetting can be cured even in teenagers and adults.
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Autism Autism

We often receive queries from a parent who has a child or teenager with autism. One point that we can be certain of is that most children with autism are suffering from the same factors that cause bedwetting in other children, that is small bladder capacity, too much urine at night caused by a hormone imbalance, very deep sleep and constipation.
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Bedwetting – Nocturnal Enuresis – Fact Sheet Bedwetting Nocturnal Enuresis Fact Sheet

Bedwetting, also called nocturnal enuresis is a distressing condition, which affects 18.9% of children aged between five and twelve. Read our Fact Sheet on curing bedwetting.